Terms and Conditions


    Reservations, even if by telephone or by e-mail, are considered confirmed and effective upon receipt of a Confirmatory Deposit.

  • 2. DEPOSIT

    The amount of the deposit to be paid must be equal to 1/3 of the total price of the holiday accommodation to be received no later than 7 days from the request. It can be sent by postal order or bank transfer (the data of which are published on the website on the Price List page). Upon receipt of the deposit, the Booking Confirmation Voucher will be forwarded to the Guest.


    In case of cancellation Booking for any reason, no one excluded, the management of the Costa Residence will retain the entire sum paid as a Confirmatory Deposit.


    The Check-in takes place from 16:00 to 22:00 and on arrival must be shown the identity documents of all the people who will be hosted in the accommodation for registration.
    If the Guest can not arrive at the time indicated for the fixed day and should delay, he must promptly notify the Management. The Guest who will not occupy the Apartment booked within 11:00 am of the following day, without notice, will be considered as a Resignation. The Guest will also be considered the host who, after 48 hours from the day scheduled for the arrival, while informing the Management, will not have paid the amount of the entire Holiday.
    For early departure or late arrival there are no reductions or refunds of the price of stay.


    The Check-out must take place no later than 10:00 on the day of departure.
    The departures at night time (before the morning of departure) must be agreed with the Management. Please note that the apartment must be left tidy and uncluttered, with a kitchenette (including equipment and dishes) perfectly clean. Otherwise a cleaning charge of € 50,00 will be charged.


    The BALANCE of the stay must be made in cash, debit or credit cards upon delivery of the apartment and therefore at the time of the Check-in.

  • 7. DEPOSIT

    Upon arrival, a deposit of Euro 200,00 (Euro 100,00 per person per group of children, even adults) will be required as a guarantee for any damages or breakages caused during the period of stay. The deposit will be made at the departure after the control, by the Management through your staff, of the perfect state of the apartment.
    Any damage or breakages must be reimbursed at current prices. Complaints about the status of housing must be submitted within 24 hours of arrival, and will not be accepted.
    The Guest undertakes to take the utmost care of the apartment, furnishings and equipment and equipment but also to adopt behavior that respects the rules of civil coexistence and condominium rules. Otherwise the Management is authorized to remove it.
    In case of loss of keys or magnetic entrance cards must be immediately reported to the management and will result in the reimbursement of € 50,00 for each key as it will need to be changed to all guests and € 20,00 for each card.


    For reasons of security and by law it is forbidden to give hospitality to Unregistered Persons or to receive Persons not declared at the Reception. It is the prerogative of the Direction to allow visitors to enter. If accepted they must show their identity documents and can only stay for a few hours but never later than 11.00 pm on the same day. Otherwise they will have to pay the daily fee with the obligation of registration communicated to the P.S.
    The visits of friends and / or relatives who provide accommodation in the same accommodation rented by the guests of the residence must be previously authorized by the management and registered on presence cards (even if the number of people does not exceed that allowed for the type of apartment rented and therefore nothing is due as a supplement).
    In fact the prices of the List refer to the number of people indicated for each type of Apartment and the Children are considered Persons.
    For the Privacy Act, the Management can not provide information on the presence or absence of its Guests, therefore, if they wait for visits, they must inform the staff at the Reception and wait for them in the Hall.
    The quiet at night (from 24:00 to 7:30) and the afternoon (from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm) must be respected.

  • 9. MINORS

    Minors are allowed only if accompanied by Parents or Legal Tutors. Parents or faculty take responsibility for the Minors entrusted to them for the duration of their stay. Children (or minors) must be supervised in the common areas as well as in the Apartment by the Parents who are directly responsible for their conduct and for their safety and, in this regard, the Management declines all responsibility.

  • 10. PETS

    In the apartments on the ground floor, (only one dog for each accommodation) only small dogs (maximum weight 9/11 kg) are allowed, vaccinated, non-noisy and well-behaved (if they do not ruin furniture and / or dirt in the house and / or rise on beds or sofas and therefore they cannot be left alone in the house). Their presence must be communicated at the time of booking and, if accepted, involves a surcharge of Euro 40,00 for the cleaning of the accommodation and for the disinfestation with specific methods and products.
    In case of disturbance or damage to persons and property, the Management reserves the right to request early departure without any reimbursement to the Guest who is obliged to compensate the damage. If accepted, a specific form of acceptance of regulation and assumption of responsibility must be signed upon arrival. The form can, if required, be sent by e-mail to give the opportunity to read it in advance.


    The management of the Costa Residence is relieved of all responsibility for the following aspects:
    - for any damages deriving from third parties or for unlawful interruptions of services,
    - for any shortages of personal belongings and valuables or money held in the rented accommodation (each Guest is obliged to take care of the custody of his property),
    - for theft or damage of the car held in the assigned parking space which, as is well known and accepts this condition, IS NOT GUARANTEED.
    The Tenant is liable to the property of Residence Costa and third parties for any damages resulting from his / her behavior in the use of the leased property and declares to relieve from any liability related to any accidents or accidents that may occur during your stay at the property leased.
    For any legal disputes, the sole competent court is Teramo.


    The assignment of the apartment is based on availability and, if possible, the indications expressed by the customer on plan and exposure will be met.
    However, the management of the Residence Costa, in the assignment of the Apartment, reserves, in cases of unforeseen circumstances or impossibility for obvious logistical reasons, the unquestionable right to substitution with another equivalent or higher as a value defined by the Price List.


    The booking implies the acceptance and observance of all the 13 points of this REGULATION / CONDITION which can be integrated by the Management (apart from additional rules communicated in time to the Guest) if it deems appropriate to issue them for the achievement of the best operation of the structure and maximum satisfaction of your guests. The Residence staff is authorized to enforce this Regulation and to report any non-compliance to the Management.
    In the event of serious failure to comply with the Regulations or with one of its points, the Management has the unquestionable right to remove, without notice, anyone who does not respect it or behaves in such a way as to create damage or disturbance to People or things.


If the arrival will not be possible due to reasons related to the coronavirus due to travel ban or closure of the borders of the Regions (that of departure and / or that of arrival) on the date of check-in also to those who have the SUPER GREEN PASS COVID-19 or GREEN COVID-19 CERTIFICATION ast Decree Law entered into force on January 8, 2022 which established new rules, you can request a refund of the amount paid.

If, on the other hand, the Guest will contract Covid (with proving medical certification) and must remain in quarantine, he can move the period of stay booked to another date in the current summer season (in case of availability of accommodation) or to the 2023 summer season for a stay of the same amount as that booked in 2022.

In this regard we add that:
1. If the period of the move should have a higher rental amount, the customer will have to pay the difference in price;
2. If, on the other hand, the chosen period has a lower cost, the price of the new booking will remain the original one, ie that of the first booking then moved; 3. This opportunity will be used by the 2023 summer season by booking;
4. If it is not used within this period, the amount paid will be totally lost

The conditions of cancellation in case of Covid-19 emergency listed above do not apply and the confirmation deposit is lost:
• If you do not want to start your stay because you are worried about an infection due to an increasing number of cases in the holiday location;
• If you do not want to start your stay because you are classified as a patient at risk;
• For any other reason.

The same accommodation can be inhabited by relatives or cohabitants