The Nature

The Abruzzo is called "The Green Region of Europe" since one third of its territory is considered protected area.

Bears and chamois, rocky faces and forests, sweet hilly landscapes and marvellous sandy beaches, this is the Abruzzo. From the highest peaks of Gran Sasso, of Majella and of Velino to the golden coastline, the nature in Abruzzo makes a fascinating picture full of variety which is possible to appreciate in any moment of the year.

Thank to National parks and to a great quantity of preserves and naturalistic oasis, the nature in Abruzzo is today rightly protected and it can be easily visited by singles or groups.

The Sea

Kilometres and kilometres of shores , rocks and fine sand which characterize the coastline allow to spend holidays of relax and quite.

The Abruzzo coastline is one of the most important and appreciated tourist attractive features of the region for its quietness, its landscape, its clean water, its sweet pinewoods and for its clean air.

When the night comes the coast changes and begins the Adriatic lively nights, bars and pubs come to life until the down in order to amuse people of different ages.
For who is fond of sports, can practise, during his holiday: sailing, windsurfing, canoeing and fishing.

Art and Architecture

Romanesque churches and castles, ancient necropolis and museum, hermitages and middle-ages burgs. From the mountains to the sea, a wide range of monuments and works of art await for the visitors who journeys the Abruzzo through.

Next to the monuments, like "S. Maria di Collemaggio" and famous collections, there are the ancient roads of Scanno, The National Archaeological Museum of Chieti , Rocca Calascio and many others less famous wonders spread in every corner of the region which excite the visitor.

Abruzzo is the birth place of the poet Gabriele D'annunzio, of famous writers and philosophers like Silone and Croce,of painters like Michetti, Palizzi and Cascella and of many others artists.


The strong ties with the traditions emerge during the colouring festivals and the folk performances which take place in the summer everywhere in the region. A lot of important festivities and folk festivals marked the whole year, in the popular performances are showed amusing daily scene, certainly eccentric for the eyes of the tourist.

During the summer, theatre music, humorous festivals and historical celebrations take place in parks, squares, castles and beaches, in the small burgs as well as in the big town.

Handcraft, Typical Products and Gastronomy

Handcraft in Abruzzo has deep roots. Centuries and centuries of secrets, big and small intuitions, skills that hand down from father to son.

Hammered iron and copper, precious metals with its refine filigree handwork, valuable woods, pottery and fabrics, skin and leather are showed in the workshops where the atmosphere of ancient times is mixed with the enthusiasm of the new generations who are aware of the art of these crafts.

The simply and genuine products of the earth and the sea with olive oil and excellent wine, are the real protagonists of the cooking in Abruzzo The gastronomy is an appetizing gallery of flavours of famous pastas with saffron and cheeses, of salamis and dairy products, of excellent meats, of delicious traditional cakes which the visitors can buy in the shops of every village.